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about ej masonry

EJ Masonry has many years experience and relies on skilled workers in the area of masonry, chimney repair and building, as well as concrete flooring, waterproofing and plumbing work. We maintain work standards, and only use high-grade material that we know is produced by reputable firms to ensure that your project is done right the first time, and stands the test of time. EJ Masonry is proudly a one person proprietorship. With larger jobs I negotiate with other qualified contractors in the area and partner with them, while maintaining overall control of the project.

Since I operate out of my home, my overhead costs are low. And I meet with prospective customers and buy direct from manufacturers, which keeps my prices competitive.

Experience is my research. In the past 4 years the Hamilton Spectator has observed a housing boom in the Hamilton area. There has been no sign of this boom ending. Masonry experts and bricklayers are needed everywhere on these new building sites.

EJ Masonry balances activity to 50 percent exterior work and 50 percent interior work. This ensures a year-round customer base and allows us to focus on specific areas. There are seasonal labor market variances, which occur in both the spring and summer. Exterior brickwork may average up to 80 per cent of our business. The reverse happens during the winter months where interior work becomes the driving force in the customer market.

I buy directly from the manufacturer. I look for the best building materials. If a customer requests stone from a manufacturer that I believe to be substandard quality, I will recommend something else at a comparable price. If the customer insists on the lower quality stone, we can guarantee only the work, and not the material.


Eddie Hobbs - Owner and proprieter of EJ Masonry